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Access Better Energy

Our Service

Powers your devices with the cheapest and most renewable energy.

What You Get

Automatic Savings

When your energy plan rewards you for using energy at cheaper times.

Flexible Demand

Your smart devices play the market while meeting your needs.

Set and Forget

A one-time setup keeps your devices running at the lowest cost forever.

Become MarketActiv

When your smart devices become active in the market, they will operate similar to how they might do on a timer, but with one important difference. Instead of turning on at the same time each day, they will turn on when energy costs the least.

By going MarketActiv, you stand to see significant reductions in energy costs and CO2 emissions. The more flexible that your demand for energy can be, the more that you can save!

Get started for free today.


Get rewarded for using low cost energy.

Retailers & Networks

Offer compelling value to flexible consumers.