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About Us

Access Better Energy

The future of electricity

We reduce your electricity bill without sacrificing your quality of life.

Renewable energy sources are both intermittent and becoming more common. The energy they produce needs to be used at the time of production or stored for later. The cheaper option is to avoid storage.

Our service is like a timer, except that it listens to the price of electricity instead of the time of day. We turn devices on during the cheapest hours instead of between specific times.

This results in cost savings for those who are exposed to the wholesale market.

Pioneering Market Stability

Our services work to reduce the volatility of electricity prices by scheduling demand to best match supply.

The Team

Broad experience enables holistic development

Sean Wade-McCue


Full stack engineer accelerating net zero

Damen Cody


IT Business Development Expert. Environmentalist, experience in design and implementation of IT Solutions