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Our Values

Five core values inform purpose and policy at Powerlake. These values will provide guidance as the business continues to grow and evolve.

Improve Sustainability

Sustainability is the primary value around which our offerings and internal functions are built. Our services have a positive impact on the environment, the economy and society.

Unlock Value

Unlocking value for our customers is the key to our success. Everything stems from the value proposition.

Foster Innovation

Everyone should feel comfortable sharing thoughts and asking hard questions across the organisation. Leaders facilitate the flow of insight, which leads to the development and execution of good strategy.

Take Initiative

Initiative starts with a shared vision and ultimately rests in the hands of the individual. Everyone at Powerlake has the right to be inspired, and the responsibility to take action. This is how we turn dreams into reality.

Share the Reward

We’re out to do amazing things and produce amazing results. We share our winnings in a way that motivates all of our stakeholders to take action and amplify our collective impact.