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Data and Privacy Policy

Data We Don’t Share

Powerlake will never share any of our customers’ personal or identifiable data, unless specifically requested by the customer in question.

Data We Do Share

We plan to share collective data about how our customers’ devices respond as a whole to conditions on the National Electricity Market (NEM). This will be shared with the relevant entities including the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). This will assist the market operator in its role of balancing supply and demand on the grid by setting appropriate price signals. The data we share in this way is aggregate data, which cannot be used to identify an idividual, but can be used to make the grid operate more efficiently, thereby reducing costs to our customers.

An example of an acceptable query on this data (in human words):

“At a given price and percentage of renewables, how much demand will Powerlake activate/deactivate on the grid”

The information returned by such a query may include a number of kW or MW, along with the postcodes in which those demands would be active.


We hope this makes things clear, but if you have any questions or concerns about what we are doing or planning on doing, feel free to reach out.