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Get Started

Powerlake MarketActiv saves money and reduces carbon emissions by scheduling your devices to use cheaper and more renewable energy.

Step 1: Is This for Me?

The more that your energy usage can be made flexible, the more likely you are to be able to benefit from the daily ups and downs of energy prices.

Households with electric hot water systems, EV chargers and pool pumps stand to benefit most because those items use a lot of energy, and they can be scheduled by our app to use cheaper energy.

Create your account and set up a few devices to see how this might play out for you in the current market.

Step 2: Connect Some Hardware

Once you are satisfied with a device in the app, you can use it to control loads around hour house. Visit this page to see which hardware is currently supported.

You’ll need to subscribe to one of our plans before you can activate a device and it begins reducing the cost of your energy usage. Each plan allows for the activation of one device. You can add plans, update their quantities, and cancel plans inside of the app.

Step 3: Done!

Congratulations! You are now using cheaper and more renewable energy based on the wholesale market! There are two ways to cash out:

You Pay Wholesale

Paying wholesale rates is great for people who have a lot of flexibility in the way they use energy, and we’re glad we can help with that.

You’ll see savings in the form of more energy usage during low prices and less energy usage during high prices. Sit back and enjoy the best of the wholesale market.

Amber Electric offers wholesale electricity plans.

You Pay an Agreed Rate

Many electricity retailers offer reward programs for reducing your energy usage during peak times. You can use these programs to capture some of the benefits of using Powerlake. Some programs are listed below:

That’s It!

For more information, please see our FAQ.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via email to the