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Solutions for Electricity Retailers

Unlock Value in Your Business

Unlock compelling value by reshaping the demand profile of your portfolio and benefiting from wholesale market dynamics.

Many demand response programs rely solely on changes in day to day consumer behaviour; it’s a hard sell. No more. Powerlake offers a system of continuous and automatic demand response that provides reliable and measurable market and network benefits which can be taken to the bank.

We are eager to deliver a service to you that unlocks value for you and your customers. Read on to learn more about our proposed implementation strategies.

Typical Implementation

There are fundamentally two types of loads that we can control: “end use authority” and “utility authority” loads. Those which are controlled by preferences set by the consumer fall under the “end use authority” model, while loads which do not require input by the consumer (such as hot water storage systems) fall under the “utility authority” model.

End Use Authority

This system applies in cases where consmers maintain control over how their devices respond to market conditions. This is the case for pool pumps/heaters, EV chargers, and most other household appliances. End users know how their devices should operate, and therefore can maintain much authority over these devices.

For example, a household knows how long their pool pump needs to operate each day to maintain a healthy pool. With that information, our service can optimise the pump to use the cheapest and/or the most renewable electricity available on the wholesale market to meet the needs of the end user. Instead of operating at the same time each day, the pump will operate at varied times depending on when the cheapest spot prices are available and/or when renewable energy penetration is highest.

We propose two solutions relating to end use authority loads:

Third Party Service

Consumers register an account with us directly and set up their devices. With the help of a smart meter, the retailer will be able to verify the value contributed by that customer’s new load profile and provide demand response benefits to the customer via a reward program.

White Label Service

Much the same as the Third Party Service option, except that the consumer facing Powerlake app will be re-branded to the specifications of the retailer to increase engagement with their brand.

Utility Authority

Electric hot water storage systems (HWSS) need to get up to temperature reliably and at minimum cost. The consumer does not require any direct authority over how that load operates.

In this scenario, the hot water system is registerd to an account that the retailer holds with Powerlake. The load is then optimised by our service to use the cheapest and/or most renewable wholesale energy to get up to temperature. The timing and duration of the heating process is adjusted dynamically to meet demand with only the lowest cost wholesale spot price periods.

This approach supersedes ripple control by enabling individual HWSS to behave as individual units that respond to market dynamics and demand conditions.


We’d like to discuss flexible demand strategies with you so that the benefits can grow and work for everyone.

Please reach out to the to start a conversation.