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Official Integrations

The ones you can bank on. We are in communication with these hardware providers and work together to build and maintain operability.

NEW! Wattwatchers*

*This integration is currently undergoing testing.

Unofficial Integrations

We aim to maintain support for these devices, but we cannot guarantee reliability due to the unofficial nature of the integrations. It remains to be seen whether we get kicked out or not.

TP-Link Kasa

  • KP115 (energy monitoring) – recommended
  • KP105 (control only)

TP-Link Tapo

  • P110 (energy monitoring) – recommended
  • P100 (control only)

P.S. If you are a representative of any of these providers, we would like to turn these into official integrations. Please contact us.

Requesting Support for More Hardware

If you would us to add support for a device, please let us know here or in the app!