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Use Cases

From maintaining a pool at home to throttling your blockchain rig, there are so many useful applications for Powerlake. The more flexible demand that you have, the more you can benefit from a real-time electricty plan.

Hot Water Systems

Let the hot water flow at significantly lower cost. Take full advantage of your hot water system as a form of energy storage.

EV Chargers

Plug in and walk away. Get the highest mileage per dollar or go as green as you like. Top up according to your values.

Household Pools

Forget the timer, play the market! Filter your pool for your chosen number of hours each day and we’ll make sure it uses the cheapest and/or most renewable energy while doing so.


Keep things cool while reducing your operating costs.

Guarantee Solar Offtake

Use all that you generate plus more when the price is negative. Get paid to use power!

Charge Electrical Devices

Use a Smart Plug to reduce the impact of vacuum cleaners, laptops and battery operated tools on both your electricity bill and the environment!

Commercial Pools

Meet commercial pumping and heating requirements while avoiding the highest electricity prices.

Server Throttling

Crunch the numbers when it’s economical to do so.

Contact us with the applications that your are interested in!