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Commercial Pools

Use Case:

We don’t have to tell you how much it costs to run commercial pool equipment. What we can tell you is that there’s a good chance you can save a significant amount by adding some flexibility to your pumping and heating schedules.

In high duty cycle applications, avoiding operation during only the most expensive hour or two each day can have a huge impact on your energy bill.

Recommended Powerlake Settings:

First off, if you have specific needs and a large bill to crush, contact us.

  • Daily Run Time: 20-23h
    • We’ll run your pumps & heaters for as long as required each day to meet your commercial needs.
  • Renewable Bias: 0
    • The highest prices typically occur when renewables are scarce, so for high duty cycle applications this setting has little impact.
  • Max Price: 300-1000c/kWh
    • In the event of an extreme price event, we will temporarily reduce the duty cycle of your equipment with an automatic response. This can produce massive savings when there is a grid emergency, such as a major power station failure.
    • There is a risk that the Daily Run Time may not be met for an extended period if prices stay very high for a long time. This is uncommon and usually coincides with serious grid emergencies.

Check out the Savings Calculator to see how these settings could impact your operating costs with current market prices.