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Guarantee Offtake

The last thing you want is to be charged for exporting energy to the grid. With Powerlake it is easy to guarantee offtake from your PV system and prevent it from costing you when electricity prices are negative.

Prices go negative when there is an imbalance of supply and demand on the grid. This is becoming more common while solar panels and wind farms are being installed faster than the matching storage technologies.

By using Powerlake to guarantee offtake from your PV system, you will never be charged for exporting to the grid. Guarantee offtake with Powerlake today by using the following recommended settings:

Recommended Powerlake Settings:

  • Daily Run Time: 23 hours
    • Your device will ready to turn on the moment the price becomes negative.
  • Renewable Bias: 0-10
    • Does not affect this use case.
  • Max Price: 0c/kWh
    • This is the magic. Your device(s) will turn on and draw power any time the price falls below 0c/kWh.
    • Make sure that the combined energy usage of your devices is more than what you would otherwise export to the grid.
    • The sky is the limit. When the price is negative, the more you use, the more you will be paid!

We use price data from Amber Electric and support TP-Link KP105 & KP115 Smart Plugs.

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