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Hot Water Systems

Hot water constitutes one of the largest sources of demand for energy in the average household. With Powerlake, your system will be optimised to use the cheapest and cleanest energy available.

Always consult an electrician when looking to modify anything in your power box. Most electric hot water storage systems are controlled by a mechanism in the meter box. Licenced electrical work is generally required to connect a hot water system to a device like the Wattwatchers 6M+3SW.

Recommeded Usage:

  1. Connect the hot water system to the third-party hardware control unit.
  2. Follow third-party setup instructions to make hardware available to the internet.
  3. Activate the hardware control unit in the Powerlake MarketActiv app with the following settings:
    • Daily Run Time: >12 hours
    • Horizon: 2 days
    • Renewable Bias: 0-4 depending on local solar availability.

4. Allow the app to collect usage data for three (3) days.

5. Enable ART Mode (Device -> Settings -> Control -> Advanced) so that the Daily Run Time is set by the system. The heating window will vary automatically depending on demand to keep the system up to temperature at low cost.