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Fridges and freezers do not usually run 24/7, which makes refrigeration a great application for Powerlake control.

Always check with the manufacture to ensure that your appliance can be safely power cycled before running it on a Powerlake enabled switch. The minimum period that a device may be on or off using our system is five minutes.

Recommended Powerlake Settings:

  • Daily Run Time: 20-22 hours
    • To determine your Daily Run Time, subtract 24 from the longest continuous period that you are comfortable having your fridge/freezer off each day. That is your Daily Run Time.
    • Keeping things cold does not use as much energy as cooling things down. You can use a lower setting if you are storing things which are already cold and your system is well insulated.
  • Renewable Bias: 0-4
    • Renewable Bias usually has little impact on running costs for use cases with long Daily Run Times, such as refrigeration.
    • High values can reduce the frequency that your refrigerator turns on and off because the percentage of renewables on the grid is less volatile than the price.
  • Max Price: 500-5000c/kWh
    • Fridges and freezers are typically one of the last things that should be turned off for extended periods during grid emergencies. Keep this setting high to ensure that the Daily Run Time is always achieved.
    • If it is not crucial for the contents of your fridge/freezer to remain cold in times of emergency, you can set this to a lower value such as 50 to 100c/kWh. Doing so will reduce costs incurred during grid emergencies and allow more important systems to stay online.

We use price data from Amber Electric and currently support TP-Link KP105 & KP115 Smart Plugs.

Take a look at our Savings Calculater to see how much you might save by running your fridge or freezer with the help of Powerlake.